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From the EF! Newswire:

This film is a pre-released version of the documentary “Earth First!: The Politics of Radical Environmentalism” produced by Chris Manes. Its an examination of Earth First! in the early days, filmed at, and around the time of, the 1987 Grand Canyon Round River Rendezvous–a definitive work of that era.  While Manes has not been present in the Earth First! movement for well over a decade, he was featured recently in the  ”Where Are They Now” section of the Earth First! Journal 30th Anniversary edition.

The documentary features live footage of tree spiking, monkey wrenching, early blockades and tree sits. And along with totally 80′s hair styles under camo hats and eco-militancy expressed in Sesame Street-sounding sing-alongs, it’s also chock-full of  powerful interviews: Earth First! co-founders Nancy Morton, Howie Wolke, Mike Roselle and Dave Foreman; former EF! Journal editor John Davis; prominent voice for deep ecology, author Bill Devall (who passed on last year); and voices from government agencies, the timber industry and mainstream groups like the Sierra Club.

This version of the film was posted on Youtube summer 2011 by longtime EF! activist and movement documentarian  Andy Caffrey.  Since this summer, Caffrey has added over 50 historical EF! videos online via his Youtube channel. He’s also running for Congress in 2012. And while we could more-or-less give a shit about who gets elected, we’re glad to see some of these videos back in circulatation amidst his campaign endeavors.

2011 national gathering, July 5th-12th in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness of Idaho and Montana

An Elk and lots of Earth First!ers climbing in the trees await your arrival at the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness this Summer!

(EF! Dgo note: There will be a caravan to the EF! RRR from Wild Roots Feral Futures in late June. Join us!)

Click here to read the full, hair-raising invite, with color photos and extra details!

Come make some Bitterroot memories in the land of breathtaking natural beauty, where you are afraid to look away… You may encounter lynx, grizzly, wolf or cougar, but probably not because they have 3.6 million acres of protected wilderness to hide from you (the Frank Church and Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness). Help defend the Big Wild from the oily hands of resource extraction.

This will be an 8-day campout gathering of resistance to dirty, destructive energy extraction. Some of the areas we will focus on are: the Alberta Tar Sands & Utah Tar Sands, Black Mesa, Mountaintop Removal and Fracking.

This is an invitation for indigenous, activist and local speakers to teach us about your campaign. We are also encouraging musicians who perform environmental and social justice music.

Northern Rockies Earth First! “Where the Road Ends and the Wild Begins”

Directions for this year’s Earth First! Round River Rendezvous will be posted on these web sites: | | |

You may also call NREF! at 208-596-3319 or email us at

General Directions

If you are flying, come into the Spokane, WA airport or Lewiston, ID or Moscow/Pullman or Missoula, MT. If you are coming from the Idaho side you will head east on US 12. From Missoula you will head west on US 12. As of this writing the site is under many feet of snow. Keep an eye on the web sites or contact us.

The site will be between Kamiah, Idaho and Lolo, Montana.

Here is a link to a flyer to print out and post up.

The heart of the uranium boom

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The La Sal Mountains in Utah frame a view of Paradox Valley, located northwest of Durango. A new uranium mill in Paradox would centralize much of the world’s uranium processing in the Four Corners region, joining the White Mesa Mill in Blanding, Utah, as well as a new mill planned for Grants, N.M./Photo by Amy Levek

By Amy Levek, The Durango Telegraph, Volume 9, No. 27, July 8, 2010

Two new uranium mills proposed for the Four Corners

The Piñon Ridge Mill will be the most environmentally friendly mill in the world,” says Energy Fuels Inc. president and CEO George Glasier of his company’s project. Energy Fuels Inc. is currently planning the construction of the nation’s first uranium/vanadium mill in 25 years. Located west of Naturita in the Paradox Valley, halfway between the Dolores and San Miguel rivers, on 1,000 acres of privately owned land, the mill is the first significant industry to arise in the area in some time.

Given its economically depressed nature, “the area generally wants the mill,” according to Glasier.

Nucla Mayor Roxy Allex agrees. “Almost everyone here was here when uranium mining was happening, and when the industry went away, the jobs went away. The response from citizens has been favorable. People definitely know what’s proposed. It’s the subject everywhere you go on the streets around here.”

With a serious unemployment problem, the town of Nucla stands to gain up to 350 new jobs, with about 250 of those to be permanent positions at the mill. “That’s a big influx for a town of 735,” declares Mayor Allex.

But others in the region are not as enthusiastic. The Colorado Environmental Council (CEC) has the burgeoning uranium industry squarely on its radar and sees uranium mining compounding the boom in oil and gas activities.

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We’re Trouble

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Welcome to the new Southwest Earth First! blog, documenting eco-defense throughout the Four Corners region and beyond. This blog is under development. Stay tuned!

What is Earth First!?

Earth First! formed in 1979, in response to an increasingly corporate, compromising and ineffective environmental community. It is not an organization, but a movement. There are no “members” of EF!, only Earth First!ers. We believe in using all of the tools in the toolbox, from grassroots and legal organizing to civil disobedience and monkeywrenching. When the law won’t fix the problem, we put our bodies on the line to stop the destruction. Earth First!’s direct-action approach draws attention to the crises facing the natural world, and it saves lives.

Guided by a philosophy of deep ecology, Earth First! does not accept a human-centered worldview of “nature for people’s sake.” Instead, we believe that life exists for its own sake, that industrial civilization and its philosophy are anti-Earth, anti-woman and anti-liberty. Our structure is non-hierarchical, and we reject highly paid “professional staff” and formal leadership.

To put it simply, the Earth must come first.

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