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By Earth First! Grand Junction & The Red Pill

Over the weekend of July 9th and 10th a short-bus full of activists associated with Confluence Media Collective, and Grand Junction Earth First!, unearthed five dump truckloads of illegally buried toxic waste in a pristine meadow, just yards from the Larime River. The US Forest Service is now investigating the situation, and has pledged to clean up the waste.

Last summer and fall, Doug Harding, currently of Grand Junction, was working for Eagle Feather Construction, out of Roberts, Idaho, when he was ordered by project manager to dig the pits and bury the waste. “I was told to make it look like we were never there,” said Harding.

“I knew when I did it, it was wrong, but I needed a job,” said Harding, “but I’m out here today to set things right.”

The waste stems from a $555,071 federal contract from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, to replace outhouses at four campgrounds in both the Roosevelt and Arapahoe National Forests. The Forest Service now admits that the waste from the popular, Tunnel Campground, was instead dumped nearby in a meadow.

Eagle Feather Construction and its sister company Peace Pipe Construction specialize in Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management contracts around the country. Eagle Feather Construction is right now re-building the outhouses at Kelly Dahl Campground near Denver.

“If there were more people like Doug Harding in this world, willing to stand up and do the right thing. We would live in a better society and have a healthier environment,” said GJ Earth First! activist Ian Lafferty.

Judy Kahl, of Westminster, has camped in the meadow every summer, but this summer she knew something was different. “It was just different,” she said. “ We can’t believe it, that they would have such toxic waste here, damaging our forest.”

Grizz Costello, a local that operates the Tunnel irrigation ditch, told Denver’s Channel 7 News, “I hope they get nailed to the wall.”

Having exposed this story to the world, The Red Pill will continue to make sure that the situation is cleaned up.