Skills For The Struggle: A series of non-violent direct action training (Denver)


[Image description: Large picture of indigenous youth learning to climb a tree with a harness and rope. Three smaller pictures of: a group of people locking arms in a “non-technical” or “soft” blockade in an urban setting, a M’ikmaq woman on her knees before a crowd of Royal Canadian Mounted Police holding an eagle feather in resistance to the fracking of her ancestral homeland, two women of color wearing shirts that read “Black Lives Matter” with their arms bound together with a locking mechanism.]

 Via CO CATS (Colorado Coalition Against Tar Sands)
Skills For The Struggle: A series of non-violent direct action trainings.

Inspired by the incredible resurgence of energy towards social change across all movements and struggles for liberation. We will be facilitating bi-monthly meetings where folks can come together and take action towards collective empowerment. The training sessions will cover topics including non-violent direct action tactics, skill shares, strategy discussion, action planning, decision making, and group live action role plays.

There will be a 30 minute break for lunch. Donations for food and supplies accepted. Sponsored by the Denver Action Alliance. For contact e-mail:

Feb. 1
Feb. 15
March 7
March 29
1-5 pm @ Four Winds American Indian Council, located at 5th and Bannock

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