Events & Actions

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Four Corners/Southwest:

Earth First! Organizer’s Conference and Winter Rendezvous: February 16-20, Monroe, UT:

Canyons of wind-carved rocks filled with ancient voices call to earth warriors to gather for the 2012 Earth First! Organizers Conference and Winter Rendezvous. Come explore Utah’s wild raw beauty that is under constant threat from the ever-hungry beast of progress! Join us for early Spring in the desert, the breath between the departure of the snow and the blooming of the flowers to soak your bones in the ancient waters of Mystic Hot Springs. In the quiet between winter and spring we honor our past, examine the present, and create a vision for a wild and free future.


Wild Roots Feral Futures: June 16-24, Southwest Colorado:

Greetings from the occupied Nuchu (Ute) territories of Turtle Island, colonially known as the “American Southwest”! We are very happy to announce that, for the 4th year running, the Wild Roots Feral Futures (WRFF) eco-defense, direct action, and rewilding encampment will take place in the forests of Southwest Colorado this coming June, 2012. WRFF is an informal, completely free and non-commercial, and loosely organized camp-out operating on (less than a) shoe-string budget, formed entirely off of donated, scavenged, or liberated supplies and sustained through 100% volunteer effort. Though we foster a collective communality and pool resources, we encourage total self-sufficiency (which we find to be the very source and foundation of true mutual sharing and abundance).



Earth First! Round River Rendezvous: July 1-7, Upstate NY/Pennsylvania:

In more than fifteen states across the country, battles are being waged by rural folks every single day for the right to have clean water. Our water is being polluted by a flood of hundreds of corporations and subsidiaries engaged in a resource boom, no less destructive than the timber and coal booms that swept through the Appalachian Mountains in the 1800s and early 1900s. This new boom is being brought to the doorsteps of farmers, conservationists and rural communities across the country by corporations engaged in a specific type of natural gas extraction known as hydraulic fracture drilling.

Marcellus Shale Earth First! is working side by side with many local groups, attending meetings, offering workshops and trainings, and helping to build a campaign of direct action that is putting increasing pressure on the drillers, to show all of those fighting fracking that there is effective resistance growing in rural areas. One of MSEF!’s primary goals is to be an uncompromising presence in defense of the healthy waterways and forest ecosystems being polluted and fragmented by the gas industry in the Eastern states.

We are thrilled to be hosting the 2012 Round River Rendezvous in the Marcellus region (we’ll tell you where soon enough), as it’s the perfect opportunity for a convergence of Earth First!ers, environmental justice activists, rural community members, and anyone else (besides cops and those paid by law enforcement) interested in a week of primitive camping, workshops, trainings, music, hiking, rowdy fires and (of course) effective direct action against fracking in the Marcellus Shale. We plan to have a focus on the culture of the Marcellus region, the boom and bust history of resource extraction in the area, and the rewilding of regional ecosystems increasingly affected by the rapid expansion of drilling and fracking.

We are excited to bring an Earth First! presence to a region that has never hosted a Rondy before. We aim to craft this year’s Round River Rendezvous into both a meaningful opportunity to connect activists and environmental justice campaigns from across the country, and a resounding gesture of solidarity with all those resisting the spread and effects of fracking.


More events & actions…

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