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Adams County Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing

4430 South Adams County Parkway, Brighton 80601

Enterprise Products Partners, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and DCP Midstream are teaming up under the name “Front Range Pipeline” to try to craft a 16-inch diameter pipeline to carry natural gas liquids from north-east Colorado to Skellytown, TX where it will cross the Mid-American Pipeline (operated by Enterprise). At this point it will turn into the “Texas Express Pipeline” and end at Enterprise’s fractionation and storage complex.
On July 11th the Adams County Planning Commission voted unanimously to DENY recommendation that the County Commissioners approve this project. Front Range Pipeline (FRP) had not supplied the requested safety records to the planning board, and there were multiple community members who testified to the misconduct and safety violations of FRP. The planning commissioners were neither fooled nor impressed by the oil and gas executives’ expensive suits and smug grins. The planning commissioners should be applauded for their sharp assessment of the bs that was being presented. They cut to the chase about FRP’s lack of respect for the approval process and their lack of integrity regarding their dealings with the people of Adams County. The chairwoman even went on to state that she was in favor of pipelines, but that she did not approve of the way this hearing was going. Audio of the hearing in its entirety can be found here (scroll down to the Planning Commission 7/11 Audio).

It was obvious to all that these companies have nothing but contempt for the communities they pollute, and think nothing of using their eminent domain rights to take people’s homes just to save on their own costs.

Please join us in urging the Adams County Commissioners to heed their planning commissioners’ recommendation that it would be in the best interest of Adams County not to allow this environmentally devastating project! You can also email comments (in addition to attending if possible!) to mweaver@adcogov.orgimage

Colorado Extraction Resistance is committed to fighting poisonous energy industry processes such as hydraulic fracturing & tar sands extraction.

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MONDAY, JULY 22, 6:30PM 4430 South Adams County Parkway, Brighton 80601
or email your comments to

On June 27th, at the Adams County Planning Commission public hearing, Suncor asked for a conditional use permit to allow construction of a 16-inch diameter crude oil pipeline through Adams County. This pipeline would carry oil and tar sands from Cheyenne WY to the refinery in Commerce City. The planning commissioners heard from many concerned community members and after much discussion they voted 5 to 1 against Suncor. This means that they are officially recommending to the County Commissioners that they deny Suncor’s request! The final decision however is up to the County Commissioners at their public hearing on Monday July 22nd. Please come and let your voice be heard during the public comments section of the hearing, urging them to consider the overwhelming recommendation from the planning board to DENY this hazardous project! To listen to the audio of the 6/27 hearing click here and scroll down to Planning Commission 6/27/13 Audio, the Suncor case starts at 1:45:30.

Suncor held two ‘community meetings’ in December 2012 where there were 5 and 14 people in attendance. Many people who spoke during the public comments cited that they had not received any notification of these meetings, even though their homes are directly in the proposed route.

We are not counting on Suncor to inform us about the impact on our community, or to care about the health, safety or well-being of the people along their proposed route and surrounding areas. They have a distinct track record of devastating pipeline spills and dumping chemicals in Canada and the US. They like to say that their top priority is safety, but they are responsible to their shareholders and committed to making a profit above all else. They have not shown themselves to be accountable to the people of Adams County or anyone else downstream. When asked why they did not choose a route through a less populated area, Suncor’s response was “cost”.

And why are they proposing building a new pipeline when their last ecological disaster is still causing benzene levels in the South Platte River to be 33 parts per billion, which is over 6 times the minimum acceptable levels? Why is Suncor so ready to exercise their right to eminent domain in residential areas just so they can save costs? If you or any of your community members are facing condemnation of your home, or have any questions or concerns about the environmental dangers of this pipeline, please come and have your voice heard!


Colorado Extraction Resistance is committed to fighting poisonous energy industry processes such as hydraulic fracturing & tar sands extraction.

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THIS THURSDAY the Adam’s County Planning Commission is meeting to decide if it is in their interest to allow a Natural Gas Liquids Pipeline to transport natural gas from Greeley, CO to Houston, TX, the largest natural gas liquids market in the United States.

This is EXTREMELY ALARMING. When natural gas pipelines fail, they explode!

Tell Adam’s County not to allow this hazardous project!


6PM Planning Commission Public Hearing

4430 South Adams County Parkway, Brighton 80601

Please email comments (in addition to attending if possible!) to and urge the Adam’s County Planning Commissioners not to endorse this environmentally devastating project!

This pipeline is being developed by Enterprise Products Partners, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and DCP Midstream. Their plan is to craft a 16 inch diameter pipeline to travel from north-east Colorado to Skellytown, TX where it will cross the Mid-American Pipeline (operated by Enterprise). At this point it will turn into the “Texas Express Pipeline” and end at Enterprise’s natural gas liquids fractionation and storage complex.

In total, this will be a pipeline of a THOUSAND miles in length. The pipeline has a capacity of 150,000 barrels per day (“BPD”), which could be readily expanded to approximately 230,000 BPD. The Front Range Pipeline could begin service in late fall 2013.

How many more explosions and spills will it take?  Join us to make sure their plans are nothing but a pipe dream.  Let them know Colorado says NO!

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A PDF of the application is available on the Adam’s County website.

Environmental Analysis of the project

The pipeline’s website

Map of the proposed pipeline route from Greely, CO to Houston, TX



The Canyon Country Action Camp is intended to be a training for direct action organizers and space is limited – apply here by July 1st!

A crew from Denver’s Got Utah’s Back/Colorado Extraction Resistance is mobilizing to attend the camp. If you can’t make it but would like to donate to help them with banner making, travel support and food supplies for the camp, please donate here!

Also Seeds of Peace will be supporting the camp with meals and are requesting donations. If you are able to donate any food supplies please contact us at

If you are looking for ride information please visit the canyon country rideshare board!

And If you are interested in attending a mass mobilization camp, check out the Which Side Rendezvous from Aug 30th – Sep 2nd in P.R. Springs, UT


That’s all for now, we will keep you updated as #fearlesssummer continues…

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When: Friday June 7th 8pm

Where: Praxis, 1120 w 12th ave. Denver, CO (12th and Mariposa)


Stop the First Tar Sands Mine in the United States

Join us for a night of music, spirits and friends at Praxis!!
$5-10 Suggested Donation (no one will be turned away)

US Oil Sands, a Canadian based company, is planning to develop a tar sand extraction site in the majestic Book Cliffs of Utah, through which runs the Green River, a tributary of the Colorado. Tar sands extraction will drain our already over-taxed aquifers and poison our rivers. 30 million people depend on the Colorado River and we can’t afford to see more water pulled out of it to produce dirty energy. Extracting and refining tar sands and tar shale uses between 2.5 and 4 barrels of water per 1 barrel of crude oil produced. 90 percent of this water is returned, polluted, to vast, hellish holding ponds. This also produces 3 to 5 times more carbon than conventional petroleum reserves, contributing drastically to climate devastation. Tar sands and oil shale in Alberta, Canada have already wreaked havoc upon the landscape, turning it into an industrial landscape. Join us in our fight to protect these lands just north of Moab.

Performances by Eval Herz, Decollage, Unnamed Praxis Space Band and Seizure Rights!
For more information about Utah and the resistance to tar sands extraction please visit  and

Pongamos un paro a la Primera Mina de Arenas Bituminosas en los Estados Unidos.

Únete a nosotros en una noche de música, humor y amigos en Praxis!
Donación sugerida de $5-$10 (nadie será rechazado por falta de fondos).

U.S. Oil Sands, una empresa con sede en Canadá, tiene la intención de desarrollar un sitio de extracción de arenas bituminosas en los majestuosos Book Cliffs de Utah, por el cual corre el río Verde, afluente del Colorado. La extracción de arenas bituminosas va a drenar nuestros acuíferos ya excesivamente agravados y va a envenenar nuestros ríos. 30 millones de personas dependen del río Colorado y no podemos darnos el lujo de ver más agua siendo utilizada para producir energía sucia. La extracción y refinación de arenas bituminosas y brea utilizan entre 2,5 y 4 barriles de agua por 1 barril de crudo producido. 90% de esta agua se contamina, a vastos estanques. Esto también produce 3 a 5 veces más carbono que las reservas de petróleo convencional, lo que contribuye drásticamente al cambio climático. Las arenas bituminosas y petróleo de esquisto en Alberta, Canadá ya han causado daños en el paisaje, convirtiéndolo en un paisaje industrial. Únate a nosotros en nuestra lucha para proteger estas tierras al norte de Moab.

Actuaciones por Eval Herz, Decollage, Unnamed Praxis Space Band y Seizure Rights!

Para mayor información acerca de Utah y la resistencia a la extracción de arenas bituminosas, por favor visite  y

Twitter: @ColoradoER

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Come on out on Thursday April 25th to the 27 Social Centre, Denver  & Friday April 26th to the Rad-ish Collective, Boulder for a teach-in by the Utah Tar Sands Roadshow, which is a listening project and educational presentation about the impact of tar sands extraction on people, water, and the land. Tar sands development is one of the most destructive industries on earth–and a Canadian company is bringing it to Utah unless we rise up to stop it before it starts.

Tar sands are geological deposits containing bitumen. In order recover oil, bitumen must be strip-mined, pulverized, chemically separated, and then extensively refined. This process requires enormous amounts of energy input and requires 1.5 – 3 barrels of water for every barrel of oil created. Utah is the second most arid state in the nation and tar sands extraction would tap already stressed watersheds. The proposed mine lies in the Colorado River watershed, which 30 million people downstream rely on for agriculture and drinking water.

The Utah Tar Sands Roadshow is on a journey around the region weaving together stories of resistance and resilience in the face of tar sands and other forms of extreme energy extraction. Our collection of interviews and conversations will be constantly updated on our website and compiled into a production to help educate people on the impacts of tar sands mining in the United States and the world.

free! kid-friendly! the space is physically accessible

Join the Facebook event for Denver 4/25 & Boulder 4/26

More info on Utah Tar Sands Roadshow here!


On the morning of April 16, we infiltrated the Platts Annual Rockies Oil & Gas Conference held in the Imperial Ballroom at the Grand Hyatt Denver. The fracking companies represented at this event have been ruthlessly impacting the environmental fate of our planet and we refuse to be complacent any longer.

The conference was sponsored by BP, and the following “Industry Leaders” were in attendance: Anadarko Petroleum, Bill Barrett, Continental Resources, Hess , Noble, PDC, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, Tesoro Logistics, Belle Fourche and Bridger Pipelines, Dakota Plains Holdings, DCP Midstream, East Cheyenne Gas Storage, Enbridge, Inergy Services, Summit Midstream, Tallgrass, BENTEK, Canary, Platts, RBN Energy, Tudor Pickering, Turner Mason, Wood Mackenzie

When we first found out this conference was coming to Denver, we began planning our intervention. We were inspired by the Tar Sands Blockade action that disrupted a Transcanada presentation at a Platts conference in Texas on February 27th


In order to blend in with the oil & gas industry crowd, we cleaned up and put on our best business attire.  Phase one was reconnaissance of the hotel layout and any information we could gather about the event. Phase two was to insert as much modified industry art in bathrooms and display tables around the conference before the events began for the day.


After letting time pass for the visual messages to sink in, we were ready to deploy “Balloon Bloq.” We prepared several bundles of helium balloons, with the strings trimmed short and tied to “personal alarms” (tiny but loud noisemakers which screech until they are deactivated). These keychain alarms are cheap (around $8 apiece) and can be purchased online and at many hardware stores.


The Balloon Bloq team approached the conference ballroom ready to confront the toxic oil and gas industry executives who are poisoning communities across Colorado and the world. We made it all the way to the ballroom doors when we were intercepted by an off-duty Denver police officer. As the cop moved in, one team member was able to pull the pin on his alarm and release his balloons right before he was grabbed by the officer, slammed face-first into a wall and cuffed. Simultaneously other team members took advantage of this distraction to quickly deploy the 2nd noise balloons directly into the room where the fracking conference was taking place. Our captured comrade continued to yell “Ban Fracking Everywhere!” as he was escorted out of the building and into a squad car. The high pitched alarm echoed through the conference as the balloons floated to the ceiling and disrupted the proceedings until they were eventually retrieved from the high ceiling by event staff. Our arrested colleague was charged with disturbing the peace and trespassing, and was released on $100 bond about 8 hours later.


Colorado Extraction Resistance and other allies had called for a rally later in the day to continue denouncing the fracking conference. About 30 of us were there with banners and megaphones, warning passers-by that the Hyatt was sheltering Eco-terrorists conspiring to poison their air and water. Another member brought “Fracked Springs” bottled water and was offering bottles to conference attendees inside the hotel. After being asked to leave by hotel staff they continued offering the fracking water to people outside. Most people were surprisingly unwilling to drink the water even though it was clearly labelled “It’s safe, trust us.”

Click here to read an article that Chris Steele of the Examiner wrote about our protest.

Let’s make a tradition of creatively disrupting Platts events wherever they go.  They have already caught on to the sophistication with which Tar Sands Blockade has agitated industry events, and even offer unintentional tactical suggestions. Together, we will show the fracking and tar sands mafia that they cannot continue to poison our land, our water, and our future, and that we will hold them personally accountable for their actions even when they try to hide behind closed doors.

We had lots of fun infiltrating this conference, and it was much easier than you might think. All you need is fancy clothes, a few days for planning, and a little bit of raw nerve.


On the same morning as the Balloon Bloq, our allies at Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance were carrying out a blockade of Transcanada’s Keystone XL tar sands pipeline in Oklahoma. One local resident halted construction by climbing up into in a monopod that had been erected on the easement and another by locking herself to construction equipment on site. Learn more about the Oklahoma action here


More modified oil & gas industry art that you can use at a Platts conference when they come to your city:





Colorado Extraction Resistance

Colorado Extraction Resistance
Rally and Direct Action Teach-in
Friday, March 22nd 5:30pm
Governor’s Mansion (400 E 8th Ave @Logan St. Denver, CO)

In solidarity with the Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance week of action we are calling for a public denunciation of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper for his ever increasingly obvious role as a spokesperson for the corrupt oil & gas industry. For far too long, Hickenlooper has misused his authority to force Colorado to allow the destructive practice of hydraulic fracturing which poisons our air, our water, our land, and our bodies.  We will be converging on the Governor’s mansion  to make it clear that he does not represent us, and that Colorado is ready to stand up to the toxic extraction industry.  Bring signs, banners, puppets, chains, and u-locks for educational lockdown demonstrations) and of course fracking fluid!

Governor Hickenlooper’s track record makes it clear that he purposely denies climate science in order to act on behalf of the predatory industry interests instead of the citizens who elected him.  He has threatened to sue any city or county in Colorado that bans fracking. He is also planning an upcoming visit to the Tar Sands in Canada on March 26th for “relationship building”. Our Governor has continuously shown us that he will allow Oil & Gas to plunder and pollute our state’s basic survival resources of water and air. What will it take to stop him and his corporate masters from turning Colorado into an industrial sacrifice zone?

We demand that Governor Hickenlooper enact an immediate ban on all
hydraulic fracturing operations in Colorado, and that all responsible
companies be forced to pay financial restitution to residents who have suffered damage to their health and property.  Any jobs associated with fracking do not justify the staggering ecological destruction it brings; fracking has been proven to devastate the health of humans and animals near extraction sites while poisoning workers at the fracking pad itself. As citizens of Colorado it is not only our right but our duty to address this urgent threat to our environment and public health.

Colorado Extraction Resistance will defend the fracking bans recently passed in Longmont and Fort Collins and the moratorium planned in Lafayette.

Building statewide solidarity amongst fracking resisters, we will counter any attempt to intimidate residents into accepting the poison and lies of the oil & gas industry.

Facts about fracking that Hickenlooper refuses to acknowledge:

– Fracking spews endocrine disruptors into the air and water.

– Many chemicals used in fracking are classified as carcinogenic and hazardous air pollutants. Many of these chemicals, such as benzene, are routinely found in the air, water, and ground during and after fracking operations.  Health effects associated with benzene include acute and chronic nonlymphocytic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, anemia, and other blood disorders and immunological effects.

– Fracking permanently depletes fresh groundwater vital to ecosystems & agriculture.

– The EPA is allowing fracking companies to inject toxic waste water directly into drinking water aquifers under Northern Colorado.

– Even at distances of 2,700 feet from a fracking well site, toxic chemicals were still detectable at levels that would increase the chance of developing cancer by 66 percent.

– Pets and livestock exposed to fracking byproducts in the air and water suffered neurological, reproductive and gastrointestinal disabilities.

– At a conservative estimate, the oil & gas industry owns at least 20% of land in Colorado through private and public leases for fracking operations.  The industry has bought much of this land for as little as $2 an acre.

Sources: |

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