Utah Tar Sands Mine Reclamation Action

Posted: May 3, 2016 by earthfirstdurango in development, direct action, environmental justice, environmental racism, mining, oil & gas, resistance, Tar Sands
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Join us this summer as we take direct action to stop tar sands mining in Utah and work to heal the land.

With seeds, shovels, and hands we will rewild a site that had been condemned to fossil fuel development. Come regrow the mine June 17-19!

We will be physically replanting land on the East Tavaputs Plateau that is part of an ongoing tar sands strip mine. In doing so, we will cultivate resistance, biodiversity, and beauty in a space that has been destroyed by strip mining. The gathering will celebrate life, water, and resistance on the Colorado Plateau through music, storytelling, art, and action. Each day we will share the skills and techniques needed to continue building the world we want to see. The events are being hosted by the Tavaputs Action Council, a regional alliance of grassroots activists.

Join us as we fight for an immediate start to PR Springs mine reclamation, an escalation of mine clean up efforts along the Colorado River watershed, and  a just transition away from fossil fuels.

Lace up your boots, bring your shovels, and let’s get to work this June.

Sign up HERE to help us in this great restoration effort.

  1. martin nix says:

    Be informed. We are going to be flooding 161 dry salt lakes in the US Southwest using underground salt/alkaline water using solar powered pumps. The evaporation will restore the Colorado and Rio Grande. We are going to build a canal along the Mexico and USA border for a salt brine return tunnel to pipe salt brine to the Baja. Technical data is at http://www.heliohydrosociety.org Martin Nix (the original Monkey Wrencher, friend to Edward).

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