IT’S ON: Major Tar Sands Construction Underway in Utah

Posted: July 5, 2014 by earthfirstdurango in development, direct action, environmental justice, mining, oil & gas, resistance, Tar Sands
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Canadian company U.S Oil Sands has paid their reclamation bond of $2.2 million and has now begun major construction at their second tar sands strip mine in the Book Cliffs of Utah.

U.S Oil Sands’ immediate plans are to clear cut 62 acres of forests and sagebrush land, according to their operations plan, but this spat of clearing may not end until 213 acres of Douglas firs, Pinyon pines, sagebrush and grasses are razed. Long-term plans by this one company threaten up to 32,000 acres of diverse wild lands.

U.S Oil Sands giant belly scrapers and bulldozers have already observably cleared an estimated 20 acres, or the size of a football stadium.

With grasses, shrubs and trees obliterated, the bulldozers are creating massive dust storms that are pummeling PR Canyon to the east, vital habitat for elk, deer, black bears and much more. The dangerously opaque dust clouds routinely cross Seep Ridge Road, substantially blocking drivers’ visibility, causing a major road hazard for which no signage has been posted. Our extensive monitoring of their operations reveal that absolutely no dust control efforts–like water sprinkling–are currently being used to protect the environment, wildlife or motorists.

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  1. martin nix says:

    My US Patent 5417282 allows for naturally occuring lightning to convert underground tar sand without the use of fracking or strip mining. Lightning travels through the tar sand and converts it to alcohol , oil and natural gas…without the use of explosives or chemicals. No oil company is looking it. It does not solve the problem of more CO2 in the atmosphere,but it does allow for a more cleaner environmental friendly way of extracting tar sands. Something to use.

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