Rad Herb 2014

Posted: January 11, 2014 by earthfirstdurango in resistance
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March 7th-9th, 2014
Outside Tucson, Arizona

You are cordially invited to a gathering of herbalists and plant enthusiasts of an anti-oppressive or otherwise community-minded persuasion.

As the number of radical herbalists grows we see Rad Herb as a space to explore together how our work with plants & healing fit into our political work and how these can intersect and support the work we are doing to build the world in which we want to live.

This gathering will provide an opportunity for radical and community minded herbalists to meet each other and share skills, resources, knowledge and experiences. To share time and space, food and medicine, our ideas and our selves, and to talk about how and why we are doing this work. To explore how we could do it better and hear about what others are doing. To build networks of support and inspiration for each other.

As we come together to build and learn, we also recognize a simultaneous ‘unlearning’ process we participate in by calling ourselves radicals. This can take on different forms where certain people “get” some specific language, terms or social signifiers that are indicators of knowledge ( cultural capital ) in radical, herbal and other niche circles. it happens.

Rad Herb welcomes folks from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences in their work with both plants and radical politics, and in that vein, we ultimately want to hold one another accountable at this gathering by committing to co-creating a safer space for all of us to share, learn, network and to interrelate across differences in ways that build our connectivity and community. That doesn’t mean that we avoid conflicts or pave over differences in an attempt to keep it safe, but rather that we are committed to knowing ourselves, our boundaries, our needs and that we all make mistakes. We can recognize that by participating in this gathering, we are attempting to co-create a container and safer space to share, learn, ask and be vulnerable, to build our radical rhizomatous networks and seek to better understand ourselves, our histories, communities and connections to the land and to the plants.

We begin by recognizing that we as organizers come from a colonial settler history in the continued occupation of native and indigenous lands by the US government and with this in mind, all are invited to come together to be accountable to our histories, unearned privileges, relations to power, people and land.

With these recognitions as a foundation, all peoples are welcome as we recognize where we are coming from in order to dream together where we are going.

Read more at http://radherbsw.wordpress.com/

Rad Herb South West

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