Posted: July 9, 2013 by belgianwitch in oil & gas, resistance


THIS THURSDAY the Adam’s County Planning Commission is meeting to decide if it is in their interest to allow a Natural Gas Liquids Pipeline to transport natural gas from Greeley, CO to Houston, TX, the largest natural gas liquids market in the United States.

This is EXTREMELY ALARMING. When natural gas pipelines fail, they explode!

Tell Adam’s County not to allow this hazardous project!


6PM Planning Commission Public Hearing

4430 South Adams County Parkway, Brighton 80601

Please email comments (in addition to attending if possible!) to mweaver@adcogov.org and urge the Adam’s County Planning Commissioners not to endorse this environmentally devastating project!

This pipeline is being developed by Enterprise Products Partners, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and DCP Midstream. Their plan is to craft a 16 inch diameter pipeline to travel from north-east Colorado to Skellytown, TX where it will cross the Mid-American Pipeline (operated by Enterprise). At this point it will turn into the “Texas Express Pipeline” and end at Enterprise’s natural gas liquids fractionation and storage complex.

In total, this will be a pipeline of a THOUSAND miles in length. The pipeline has a capacity of 150,000 barrels per day (“BPD”), which could be readily expanded to approximately 230,000 BPD. The Front Range Pipeline could begin service in late fall 2013.

How many more explosions and spills will it take?  Join us to make sure their plans are nothing but a pipe dream.  Let them know Colorado says NO!

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A PDF of the application is available on the Adam’s County website.

Environmental Analysis of the project

The pipeline’s website

Map of the proposed pipeline route from Greely, CO to Houston, TX


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