6/27 Suncor expanding its pipeline in Adams County/#fearlesssummer Week of Action

Posted: June 26, 2013 by earthfirstdurango in direct action, environmental justice, environmental racism, fracking, oil & gas, resistance, Tar Sands, water
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From Colorado Extraction Resistance:

On Thursday 6/27 at 6pm Adams County Planning Commission is holding a hearing at (4430 South Adams County Parkway Ste W2000A Brighton CO) allowing Suncor to rebuild its existing pipeline from the northern border of Adams County to the Suncor refinery in Commerce City. Suncor wants to replace their current 10-inch crude oil pipeline with 16-inch to increase capacity.

As part of the #fearlesssummer Week of Action we are ready to show up and pose some questions to the planning commission:

Isn’t a bigger pipeline a bigger risk if it leaks?

Do they really know the impact increasing capacity will have on the environment, and the health of the community?

Do they really trust Suncor when they have proven to be grossly negligent in cleaning up their existing leaks in commerce city?

Does the planning commission have any good recipes for summer iced drinks with “cancer-causing benzene?”

From May 15th 2013 “After 18 months of cleanup around Suncor’s oil refinery, contamination of the South Platte River is diminishing, but concentrations of cancer-causing benzene in the water remain six times higher than the national safety standard.” More info here.

Maybe Suncor could use the money they have set aside to expand this pipeline to clean up their existing toxic mess that keeps going on and on while they profit off of our damaged environment and polluted drinking water? And their solution of aerating the benzene out of the water just pollutes the air. They need to shut down their plant until they can guarantee not to poison us.

Just some thoughts that can be shared with the planning commission board this Thursday. See you there!

And if you can’t make it, email your comments to CLaRue@adcogov.org

Planning Commissioners

Vince Buzek January 31, 2016

Rosie Garner January 31, 2016

Paul Tochtrop January 31, 2015

Sharon Richardson January 31, 2015

Nick DiTirro January 31, 2014

Michael DeMattee January 31, 2014

Steward Mosko January 31, 2014

Harry Gibney, Alternate January 31, 2014

Gary Pratt, Alternate January 31, 2014


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