Parachute Creek spill: Day 80

Posted: May 30, 2013 by earthfirstdurango in Uncategorized

From the Styx by Peggy Tibbetts


Click here for the last known groundwater contamination map:  Benzene Concentrations in Groundwater & Isoconcentration Map 4-19-13

CDPHE Update — May 24:  Parachute Creek surface water sample sites non-detect for benzene

On Monday, May 20, Parachute Creek surface water sample site 6 (CS6) had a benzene detection of 1.4 ppb. Since Tuesday, May 21, surface water sample location CS6 and all other surface water sample sites have been non-detect for benzene contamination.

Multiple times a day during daylight hours, visual surveys are conducted along Parachute Creek to look for hydrocarbon sheen on the surface. This practice is done to provide an extra form of contamination detection alongside surface water and ground water sampling. No sheen has been observed.

Ground water testing wells and hydrocarbon recovery wells are continue to be installed or updated to ensure maximum recovery of floating hydrocarbon and ability to measure/observe potential contaminant movement. With this technology, the…

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  1. dannyheim says:

    hey i gotta get involed with you guys, I mean I gotta. Problem is I’m in Santa Fe these days and can’t find an association. I’ll keep checking. This frack-crack-crap’s gotta go.

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