Litigation Threat Causes Boulder, Fort Collins to End Fracking Bans

Posted: May 26, 2013 by earthfirstdurango in Uncategorized

Earth First! Newswire

From the Boulder Journal

Environmentalists suffered two setbacks Tuesday when leaders in Fort Collins overturned an indefinite ban on hydraulic fracturing while commissioners in Boulder County decided to let their temporary fracking moratorium expire.

In a sharply divided 4-3 vote that saw comments fired back and forth between Mayor pro tem Gerry Horak and his colleagues last night, the Fort Collins City Council overturned thefracking banthat it initially passed on Feb 19. The mayor pro tem cited an impending threat of a lawsuit from the lone driller that is operating in Fort Collins for why he changed his vote.

Prospect Energy reportedly threatened to sue Fort Collins over the ban.Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooperhad also warned the city of potential litigation from state officials.

In addition to allowing Prospect Energy to resume fracking its current well pads, Fort Collins will soon open up two new square miles…

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