6,000 coyotes killed in Utah’s bounty program

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Exposing the Big Game

“Can they demonstrate that the bounty hunt actually helped boost mule deer populations? I think they’d be hard pressed to show this.” –- Camilla Fox, executive director, Project Coyote

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Are coyote bounties a good thing for Utah?
Results so far:
1. Yes 67% (3218)
2. No 33% (1573)
Total Votes: 4791

6,000 coyotes killed in Utah’s bounty program
By Grant Olsen, ksl.com Contributor May 6th, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY — More than 6,000 dead coyotes have been redeemed by hunters since Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources launched its coyote bounty program last September.

The DWR hopes its ambitious plan will eliminate a significant portion of the state’s coyote population, which in turn will benefit the deer herds on which they prey. Officially known as the Predator Control Program, the incentive-based program pays hunters $50 for every coyote they kill.

Other states have implemented bounty programs over…

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