Introducing Colorado Extraction Resistance

Posted: March 5, 2013 by earthfirstdurango in direct action, environmental racism, fracking, indigenous solidarity, oil & gas, resistance, Tar Sands, water
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fight back - attack the frack!Colorado Extraction Resistance (CER) is a new group committed to organizing direct actions against poisonous energy industry processes such as hydraulic fracturing and tar sands extraction.  We are fighting for a Colorado free from the grip of the oil & gas industry that is engaging in ongoing acts of eco-terrorism against our citizens.  Politicians and mainstream environmental organizations have made it clear that they are not interested in defending those most threatened by toxic extraction methods such as fracking.  To prevent all of Colorado from becoming a “sacrifice zone” to the oil & gas industry (like Weld County), a grassroots campaign of direct action will be necessary.

CER is allied with any affected or threatened community seeking to defend itself from harmful extraction processes.  We are particularly interested in working with landowners and residents who have hydraulic fracturing operations taking place on or near their property without their consent.

Colorado Extraction Resistance intends to:

-Support any municipality attempting to ban fracking.

-Take actions opposing Governor Hickenlooper or any other party attempting to intimidate local municipalities that would enact a fracking ban.

-Initiate solidarity actions with other extraction resistance, climate justice, and indigenous sovereignty movements nationally and internationally.  Such groups include, but are not limited to: Tar Sands Blockade, Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance, Utah Tar Sands Resistance, Appalachia Resist!, the Red Lakes Blockade, Stop the Tennessee Pipeline!, Stop the Boulder County Frack Attack, and Idle No More.

– Expose those companies investing in and grossly profiting from the destruction of our ecosystems and the poisoning of our communities and hold individuals accountable for their involvement with these companies.

-Engage in nonviolent direct action, including civil disobedience, to physically obstruct, disrupt, and delay operations at extraction sites.

To receive SMS text updates on actions related to extraction resistance and other local issues in the Denver area, text “@DenverDOS” to 23559.
@ColoradoER on twitter / like “Colorado Extraction Resistance” on Facebook

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