Posted: July 9, 2012 by earthfirstdurango in Uncategorized

Deep Green Resistance Four Corners

Coyote Canyon, a small rocky tributary to Kane Springs Creek on Bureau of Land Management property just south of Moab, Utah, has become another off road vehicle (ORV) trail.  Like many such trails, it began illegally, when specialized, expensive ORVs called “rock crawlers” began using it without BLM authorization.

Now, after an Environmental Analysis prompted by ORV users, Coyote Canyon is in the BLM’s words “an extreme trail specifically designated for rock crawler-type vehicles only. The route is one-way up a small canyon and down another, and although it is only 0.65 miles long can easily take all day to navigate as refrigerator-sized boulders must be traversed. Only HEAVILY modified vehicles can make it through. This route provides rock crawler enthusiasts an opportunity to challenge both their rigs and skills in a unique setting.” [1]  One of the main reasons ORVers wanted the “unique setting” is that a roll-over accident, not…

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