Occupy the Trees! April 22-28

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Occupy The Trees (The Mother Earth Tree Convention)

Occupations across the US and around the world are being asked to step up and protest the corporate rape of Mother Earth, and the exploitation of Her limited resources.

“We ask that you take to occupying the trees by placing tree sitters in them for one week, or for as long as your team(s) can do it. Find trees in front of banks who support the corporations, trees in front of the corporations who pollute the earth, air and water. Trees in front of corporations who clear our forests, poison & kill wildlife and people. And rare trees that are at threat of being cut down in the name of corporate greed.” —Occupy The Trees (The Mother Earth Tree Convention)

Earth First! Durango and Occupy Durango will be occupying an encampment on National Forest land somewhere in the Log Chutes “thinning” project & trail area, near Junction Creek just outside Durango, CO. Come prepared for winter weather conditions!

Due to a current lack of equipment and skill sets, Earth First! Durango is calling for support and training from knowledgeable, experienced tree climbers/sitters. We intend to form a ground encampment, but will not take to the trees under unsafe conditions. We will begin our encampment by assessing our options and resources, and deciding together what we’re capable of. Please contact us if you have skills and/or life-safe equipment to offer.

Please contact occupy-the-trees@riseup.net for more info or to get involved!

~This action has not been consented upon by the Occupy Durango General Assembly.~

Background info: The road to Log Chutes: Logging road to replace singletrack

Resources for Occupying the Trees:

Volume 1. Climb Training Orientation For Beginning Ascending and Descending. 

EFCG vol 1.pdf EFCG vol 1.pdf
Size : 2.293 Kb
Type : pdf
EFCG vol 1 BOOKLET.pdf EFCG vol 1 BOOKLET.pdf
Size : 11342.158 Kb
Type : pdf
Volume 2. Anchoring, Rope Strengths, Physics and Other Technical Insights. 
EFCG vol 2.pdf EFCG vol 2.pdf
Size : 1.917 Kb
Type : pdf
EFCG vol 2 BOOKLET.pdf EFCG vol 2 BOOKLET.pdf
Size : 14342.421 Kb
Type : pdf

An old and somewhat outdated orientation guide about living in the woods and how EF! functions. Needs an update but it is here because it still provides usefull information.

EF orientation.pdf EF orientation.pdf
Size : 5.738 Kb
Type : pdf

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