Radical cultural shifts required to stave off ecological collapse

Posted: February 23, 2012 by earthfirstdurango in direct action, resistance
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Durango Earth First!er Nathan Coe with some recommended reading: "Igniting A Revolution: Voices In Defense of the Earth"

An interview with Durango Earth First!er Nathan Coe

By Ryan King, special to Mongabay.com

Many ideals, actions, and movements considered as fringe or radical by the standards of mainstream culture have gained prominence as global biodiversity withers and the biogeochemical cycles of the entire Earth System are upset by human activities. As endangered species and ecosystems are increasingly threatened, direct confrontation between activists and the entities that drive environmental damage seems also to be increasing. At the same time, concern that present global governance and distribution systems are unable to provide security, clean water, affordable food and a stable future to most of society, is spurring some to move toward new models, including sustainable, autonomous communities and decentralized production.

Mongabay recently had the opportunity to discuss some of these issues with activist and writer Nathan Coe.

A life-long resident of Southwest Colorado and a lover of all things wild and free, Nathan has been involved in the formation of a local chapter of Earth First!, taking direct action to protect local and regional wilderness, as well as initiating a Transition movement in his community in preparation for life after gridcrash. Nathan is also part of the organizers’ collective for Wild Roots Feral Futures, an annual rewinding & eco-defense gathering in Southwest Colorado.

Click here to read the interview…


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