Wild Roots Feral Futures 2011

Posted: April 27, 2011 by earthfirstdurango in direct action, environmental justice, environmental racism, indigenous solidarity, resistance
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“The whole earth is in jail and we’re plotting this incredible jailbreak.”

The 3rd annual Wild Roots Feral Futures direct action/eco-defense/climate camp will take place during June 14-22, 2011 in the foothills of the mighty and wild San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado.

Up for discussion and consensus is the site location. Autonomous and independent scouting is encouraged.

Contact feralfutures@riseup.net to provide input and/or get involved.

We are looking for folks of all sorts to join us and help facilitate workshops, conflict resolution and management, direct action and medic trainings, wild food walks, and much more! We will be focusing on many things, including but by no means limited to anarchist theory and praxis, unpacking privilege, decolonization, rewilding, ancestral skills, indigenous solidarity, direct action, forest defense, earth liberation, animal liberation, security culture, civil disobedience, hand to hand combat, survival skills, evasion tactics, green anarchism, anti-civ, post-civ, star watching and navigation, maps and orienteering, shelter building, permaculture, and whatever YOU care to bring and provide. But we need everyone’s help to make this as safe, positive, and productive a space as it can be. Our own knowledge, skills, and capacities are limited. We need YOUR help!

feralfutures.blogspot.com | feralfutures.proboards.com | groups.google.com/group/wild-roots-feral-futures

Myspace | Facebook | feralfutures@riseup.net


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