Indigenous Environmental Activist & Black Mesa Resister Louise Benally Speaking at UNM!

Posted: April 26, 2011 by earthfirstdurango in coal, direct action, environmental justice, environmental racism, indigenous solidarity, mining, resistance, water
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Louise Benally, Indigenous Environmental Activist and Long Time Resident of Black Mesa is Speaking at UNM!

Dine’ families and elders have been resisting cultural genocide for over thirty five years and are targeted for unjust large-scale coal mining operations and forced relocation policies of the U.S. government in Black Mesa/Big Mountain, AZ. Throughout those thirty five years the U.S. government and Peabody Coal have forcefully relocated thousands Dine’ people away from their ancestral homeland, the land that they belong to, in the name of greed, energy and progress. Many families and elders have refused to leave, even though they are under constant pressure to do so. Their daily lives have become a direct action to save their land base, to maintain their traditional life ways, and to take a stand against global warming and globalization. They are not creating a new way of sustainable living, but are struggling to live as they always have—with the earth and not against it.

When: Friday, April 29th at 5:00 PM
Where: The UNM Main Campus, Sub Ballroom C, University of New Mexico
Who: The KIVA Club and BMIS (Black Mesa Indigenous Support) are putting on the event
Contact: Stephanie @ or
Derek @ 215-820-3444 or email

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