The Earth First! Journal Needs Your Support!

Posted: October 3, 2010 by EF! J Collective Everglades Office in media
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Greetings to all Defenders of the Wild!,

The Earth First! Journal Collective is currently in production on the 30th Anniversary Edition of the EF! Journal. We have an amazing collection of articles from movement writers, published authors and professors, as well as gorgeous art from a number of internationally renowned artists. Unfortunately, we are still short on funds, in order to reach our fundraising goal we have created two “Kickstarter” projects on the website: to help raise needed funds for the printing costs of the anniversary issues, as well as fundraising for a new Earth First! music compilation.

The details about these projects are in the link below. It’s a quick, simple online fundraising effort. Small contributions can start to add up and encourage others to throw down on this worthy project! If possible, please consider throwing down a small donation. Equally important is your help in forwarding this info to people in your e-mail list (or social networking sites you frequent) that might be interested in helping us out.

The Kickstarter site automatically takes you to the Amazon payment check-out, of which you need an Amazon account for (weird) if you don’t have an Amazon account but want to donate you can make a donation through our: website on the home page. We will be moving donations to the Kickstarter account.

Thanks for any helping in fundraising and passing the word along!

Love & Solidarity!

For the Wild,

-the EF! J Collective

P.S. Remember that small donations add up… the minimum pledge is only $1!


As you many know, its a big year for us here at the Earth First! Journal. Along with celebrating 30 years in print and in action by producing a two-volume bound edition, we are also releasing a CD and relocating to a new office in Florida. Below is a 30-day online fundraising drive to make all these plans come to fruition in their full glory. Please spread the word through your network to help us reach our goals!

The first link is for printing the Journal, the second for the music CD production costs. If you forward them, feel free to split up the requests targeting people who may be interested in one over the other.

“Be a part of publishing Earth First! Journal’s 30-year Anniversary Issue”

For details on the project and how to donate online, click here.


“Throw down for the Earth First! Journal’s 30th Anniversary Music Compilation CD”

For details on the project and how to donate online, click here.

For the Wild!

—Earth First! Journal Collective

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