Bring It Down Today

Posted: July 20, 2010 by earthfirstdurango in coal, direct action, fracking, oil & gas, resistance, shale oil, uranium, water
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By Travis C., WilderPress! Editorial Collective

I sometimes wonder what it will be like when it all comes down, when this fucking crazy machine comes to a grinding halt. I’m talking about the capitalist machine and the
industrialized addicted society that kneels to it.

I’m talking about america…

I think about what the streets will look like when the plants push up through the concrete; when the grocery store shelves empty and the only reminder of times long gone are the plastic bags blowing in the streets like sagebrush across the desert. I think about the shattered windows and broken doors—they did little to keep out the looters or the stones hurled by rioters. I think about the vulnerability of the cities when the electrical infrastructure fails and the power plants shut down—their demise a product of human’s irresponsible abuse and depletion of natural resources. I think about cars abandoned on the side of the road…left behind, forgotten, and worthless without their precious fuel…

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  1. Jolly Roger says:

    Great job on the new site guys and gals! I just moved to Colorado from California and would love to be in the loop for future events… let me know, I’ll add you guys to my blog roll for now! Keep it up!

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